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Your Guide Barcelona was born thanks to the passion of two barcelonians. Although we have very different backgrounds, we also have something special in common: we are both experts in our city beacuse we love it. Our credentials are our knowledge and our passion for Barcelona, where we born, we grown and where we live.

We have been studing and learning about Barcelona, and we are still doing every day. Nowadays we are completely dedicated to show it and promote it as far as we can all over the world. We are enthusiastic because we strongly believe in our project, as we think there are several different ways to visit and enjoy a city, and everyone must be able to choose his own way.

We would like you to know us a bit more, so here it comes a brief introduction about us.


Your guide Barcelona

I have always had passion about Culture. This is my speciality and my entire world. I was born in Barcelona, where I got the Art History University Degree and Official Masters in Cultural Tourism. 

I love Art and Antiquities. I have been working at several Museums and Travel Agencies, I have been teaching History, and I finnally became an Official Tour Guide of Catalonia some years ago. 

Nowadays I'm completely dedicated to my real passion: I'm showing my city to those who want to discover it. This my birthplace, a city which is never ending and I'm constantly rediscovering step by step.

Contact me if you want to make a booking for a Guided Tour, I will be glad to accompany you during your stay in Barcelona.

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Your Guide Barcelona

I am a Software Engineer, I have been entirely dedicated to web development for more than 10 years. Nowadays I'm managing my own company located in Barcelona, specialized in web development and marketing online.

What I most like about my job is the transformation of an initial an idea, an illusion or a personal dream, into a real web project.

I am a Barcelona lover as well, I'm in love whith its people and its culture. This is another of my life projects: know it deeply and promote it thorough this website, so you can live it intensely.

If you want to transform your dream into a web project, or for any questions about the operation of the website or any technical service, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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