Cooking Class Barcelona

Cooking Class Barcelona
Type: Gourmet Tours

This activity is for all those who want to get to know Spanish cuisine better. enjoy the expirience in a private Cooking class with the help of an expert Chef, who will tell you all the secrets of the most popular recipes.

The workshop begins with a brief tour towards the popular Boqueria's market located in Las Ramblas, where you will find the essential ingredients to elaborate the recipes. Afterwards is time for cooking: you will prepare a three-course meal: gazpacho and Spanish omelette as snacks; paella (popular sea rice) as the main dish, and delicious Catalan local crème brûlée for dessert.

Of course it will all be completed with excellent Spanish wine, so while you put the finishing touches on your meal, you will also learn about wines. This activity is very rewarding and fun, if you are a cook lover and you like to learn wherever you go this is your perfect activity! 
5.00 Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes from 90.66 € Book now