The most surprising Tours in Barcelona

Barcelona and the Sea

Guided Tour BarcelonaThis tour is an unforgettable stroll by the Ribera’s Quarter of Barcelona to discover its history, curious details and its better kept secrets. 
This neighbourhood has a very special atmosphere, unique and magical, which can be only found getting inside the narrow and winding streets and discovering step by step the most interesting artistic monuments close to the sea. 
The guided tour starts at The Catalan Music Palace, the most incredible music hall of the city. Along this tour we are going to visit a Romanesque monastery, an old 13th Century Convent, an amazing modern Market and the unmatched beauty of its Medieval and Baroque palaces.
You’ll also be able to visit the 14th Century church Santa Maria del Mar (St Mary of the Sea), internationally well known because of the novel The Cathedral of the Sea wrote by Ildefonso Falcones in 2006. 
Duration: 2:30h
Meeting point: Catalan Music Palace
End of the tour: St Mary of the Sea 

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Barcelona’s Synagogue and Jewish Quarter

Jewish SynagogueInto Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter lived one of the most important Jewish communities of the Medieval Era all over Europe. 
Despite of the important destruction which suffered in the late 14th Century, interesting remains of the Jewish Quarter can be seen in a very specific area of the old town of Barcelona. 
Walking around the Jewish neighbourhood we will be able to discover its history, the most common habits and traditions of the community, and of course, its important legacy to the city of Barcelona.
This tour includes a guided visit by the Major Synagogue and the Jewish Community Interpretation’s Centre, where local guides are going to explain you more about the interesting history of the Jewish Community in Barcelona.    
Duration: 2:30h
Meeting point: Catalunya Square 
End of the tour: Angel’s  Square

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The Baroque Barcelona 

Baroque Barcelona
Not all monuments in the Gothic Quarter are belonging to the Gothic Art Style, Baroque churches and palaces can be also found in the old town of Barcelona. 

Even though not really well known, the city has also an important Baroque legacy, a monumental art which is shown all over the historical centre of the city, hidden among other art style buildings.

Would you like to get a different vision of the Gothic Quarter? This tour is the tour of the forgotten Barcelona, we invite you to let your imagination fly and be guided by our tour guides to find the splendour and magnificence of the Baroque art buildings.

You’ll visit amazing and monumental churches such as the 17th Century Nativity Church, St Sever and the beautiful 18th Century Church devoted to the saint patroness of the city: The church of La Mercè.

You will be able to discover elegant palaces which were the residences of the 18th Century wealthy living in Barcelona: Moixò’s Palace and Moja’s Palace, located all of them in the heart of the town.

Duration: 2:30h
Meeting point: Catalunya Square
End of the tour: St Just I Pastor Square
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