Gourmet tours

Enjoy the smell, colors and taste of Barcelona through a different experience.

You can literally taste the city through many culinary activities, workshops of tapas, or even a sightseeing to the Boqueria's Market.

Or you can also try a great wine tasting to enjoy the excellence of the Spanish wines.

Spanish Wine Tasting Barcelona
Spanish Wine Tasting Barcelona Type: Gourmet Tours

Chin chin! Follow the popular toast and entertain your trip with this interesting Spanish wine tasting. It takes place in the heart of the historic city center of Barcelona. In an specialized local wine shop you will taste four different varieties of Spanish wine, accompanied with their respective snacks, while you are convinientely informed about the history and details of wine production. Guides will offer good advices to you, funny anecdotes and all the information you need for a ...
4.50 Duration: 90 minutes from 30.00 €

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Cooking Class Barcelona
Cooking Class Barcelona Type: Gourmet Tours

This activity is for all those who want to get to know Spanish cuisine better. enjoy the expirience in a private Cooking class with the help of an expert Chef, who will tell you all the secrets of the most popular recipes. The workshop begins with a brief tour towards the popular Boqueria's market located in Las Ramblas, where you will find the essential ingredients to elaborate the recipes. Afterwards is time for cooking: you will prepare a three-course meal: gazpacho and Spanish omelette as...
5.00 Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes from 90.66 €

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Gourmet Tour Boqueria's Market
Gourmet Tour Boqueria's Market Type: Gourmet Tours

This is an amazing experience full of colour, smell and flavor ... no other market in the old city is so appealing and attractive as La Boqueria. We absolutely recommend you this Gourmet Tour where you will know tapas and other typical specialties visiting the market and other interesting places. This tour allows you to visit, besides the market: restaurants, roasting, bakeries, cafes and wine bars in the mythical center of Barcelona, so you can be a real gourmet expert.
4.00 Duration: 2 hours from 21.50 €

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Gourmet Tapas Tour Barcelona
Gourmet Tapas Tour Barcelona Type: Gourmet Tours

The best of Barcelona through its most popular tapas and snacks ... do you want to to find it out? This tour covers the most emblematic places of the historical center of the city. It starts in Barcelona's most famous street, La Rambla, with its tapas bars and local restaurantss...from there you will go to the famous Boqueria's Food Market, which offers an extraordinary variety of fresh, local and exotic products.  The tour continues with a visit to several great locals and bars of ...
4.50 Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours from 59.00 €

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Wine & Cava's Cellars Tour
Wine & Cava's Cellars Tour Type: Day Trips & Excursions, Gourmet Tours, Shared Tours

Catalonia is one of the most important regions regarding the whole wine production in Spain, with 11 denominations of origin and 2,000 years of history,  today Catalonia produces 380 million bottles of wine and cava (sparkling white wine) a year. The tour enters the Penedès region to discover the most emblematic wineries in the region. You will know all details, what causes the different varieties of wine and cava, as well as the secrets and mysteries of wine production, its ...
4.50 Duration: 8 hours from 64.00 €

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