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Tax Free Barcelona : VAT refund on purchases

If your usual place of residence is outside the European Union , you can take a benefit from your shopping in Barcelona, with special conditions.

You must keep in mind that normally only main shops or those located in the most central locations in the city are offering this service.

Among these special conditions, you have the right  to a refund of 21% VAT , the tax you will pay when you make a purchase in Spain .

Ask for the Tax Free in the shop, follow these steps if you want to take advantage of the benefits of Tax Free , always for purchases over 90 €.

How to benefit from the VAT refund

First step is to ask for the Tax- free document in the shop in which you make your purchase. When you finish your stay in Barcelona , go to the Customs Shopping area located in Barcelonas' Airport or in the city centre: Information desk at Catalonia Square, presenting the tickets of your purchases.

Finally , get cash refund from your checks at the Airport or Information desk office in Barcelona.

For further information , check the websites :

Global Refund Spain
Tel 917 613 702
917 294 380

Refund Spain
Tel 933 020 210