Half Day Montserrat Guided Tour

Montserrat, Black Madonna
Type: Day Trips & Excursions, Shared Tours

Montserrat is the most spectacular and mysterious mountain of Catalonia , a mountain considered Sanctuary and Holy place, and a symbol for Catalonia. It has very unique rounded rock shapes, which has given to the mountain many stories and legends , like the one that states that this place was sawed by angels with a gold saw to make a throne for the Lady of Montserrat. 

The Monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat is located at 720m above sea level, with its imposing church dedicated to the Lady of Montserrat , patroness of Catalonia. The figure of the Virgin is a Romanesque sculpture dating back to the Twelfth Century. Represents the Virgin of Montserrat sitting on her throne, with the infant Jesus on her lap, and the Earth's globe in his right hand , the symbol of The Universe.

Popularly known as the Black Madonna ( La Moreneta ) for its blackened appearance , this nickname is the result of countless interpretations and legends , it is said she is able to do miracles , so those who go to Montserrat go close to her,  kiss her hand and ask for her protection making a wish. Do not hesitate to do the same on your tour to Montserrat .

The guided tour departs from the city centerin a bus with air conditioning , there in Montserrat you will spent the whole morning , and returns to the city center after the tour. 
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