Tibidabo-Collserola Hill

Tibidabo is the highest peak of the Collserola Hill in Barcelona, ​​emerging to 512 meters above sea level.

The name comes from the Latin frase tibi-dabo, meaning I will give you.

These two words are, according to the Bible, a passage in which Satan tries to make Jesus fall into temptation, by saying I will give you all you want. 
It seems that for the ones who baptized the high peak, this mountain would have been the perfect place for the devil to tempt Jesus;  offering to him all the richness and graceful of Barcelona, showing him the amazing view of the city from there.

No doubt about it...Thanks to its privilegiated and elevated location of the mountain, from the very top there are unrivaled views of Barcelona.

Here we detail you what is worth a visit in Tibidabo, and how to get to the main attractions in this beautiful part of the city.

  • Cosmocaixa Museum
  • Temple del Sagrat Cor
  • Communications Tower
  • The Amusement Park
  • Astronomical Observatory
  • How to get there
The Science Museum of Barcelona, ​​known as The CosmoCaixa is located at the foot of Tibidabo, in Collserola's Mountain. .

The building was originally an Asylum for blind people.  It was built in 1909 by Josep Domènech i Estapà, even though it was renovated in 2004 to house the current museum.

It is a monumental installation, it has a total of nine floors dedicated to exhibitions and activities, six of which are located in the underground, although filtering natural light.

In the museum you can find many spaces, such as the Waterfall Wall or the Geological Flooded forest, recreating natural, geological, and geographical areas. It also has engaged in all kinds of scientific progress and experimentation, havind even a Planetarium exploring the mysteries of the Universe.

This are the main areas of the Museum:

The Science's Square
It is a large open square, where you can experience great inventions and scientific artifacts.

The Geological wall

It is an installation showing various structures and geological processes , with seven sections of real rock.

The Flooded forest
This section is especially impressive ,  a flooded Amazon forest , with the large fauna and flora inhabiting in it. 

The Living matter
It shows a journey through the history of art and its evolution from the Big Bang to the present.

In this, and other rooms of the museum you will discover the mysteries that holds our world, and see with your own eyes the events that revolutionized our Universe.

The Planetary

If you want to see the whole Universe , this is ythe place. It is show how it was at different times in its history, and how it has been transformed by cosmic phenomena experiences.

In the Planetary there are several rooms dedicated to children , where they can experience themselves,intending to arouse their curiosity about science, through games and experiments.

In addition to these permanent exhibition halls , the museum organizes very often exhibitions and children's activities for families .

It is certainly an amazing and educational museum , where you can enjoy and learn science by experiencing yourself.

On top of this mountain two constructions stand above everything else, specially for its hight and its beauty.

We are talking about the Temple of Sagrat Cor, and  The Communications Tower of Collrserola.

Enric Sagnier rose the Christian Catholic Chruch between 1902 and 196, an  impressive Temple dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Certainly highlighting and crowning the Church, is the enormousbronze statue of Christ, extending his arms on top of the temple to the great city at his feet.

The statue was made by sculptor Josep Miret, and placed in the temple of Tbidabo in 1950, replacing the original one made by Frederic Mares and destroyed in 1936, during the Spanish Civil War.

The sculpture of Jesus, with eight metres hight and five tons of weight, crown this spectacular temple, situated 539m above the sea.

Is visible from many points of Barcelona, specially at night, and from a very far distance even though is far away , on top of Collserola's at 500 m above sea level. 
Also spectacular is the Telecommunications Tower designed by Norman Foster , located at 560 meters high.

To these hight must be added its 288m high, and because of that it's the tallest building in Barcelona.

It was built to broadcast the Olympic Gamesto the world in the Olympics host in the city, back in 1992.

With its needle-shape , which makes you wonder how can it stand, consitutes a truly unique building . Currently this is used as a lookout and panoramic viewpoint.

Since its tenth floor , using a glass elevator , you can have a view even more spectacular than on top of the hill, from Barcelona and The Natural Park of Collserola.

This Park is a protected nature reserve since 1987 , ideal for hiking, walking or biking along the mountain natual paths and beautiful areas.

Viewpoint Collserola Communications Tower
For further information contact them:
Phone: 93 211 79 42
Fax: 93 417 96 65
Email: comercial@tibidabo.es
Another great space of the  mountain is the one occupied by the Tibidabo Amusement Park, a place of entertainment and magic.

Definitely worth a visit if you are coming with your children to Barcelona.  Is has more than a Century, is the oldest Amusement Park of Spain and the second one in Europe.

The Park preserves historical attractions such as The Watchtower, in place since 1921. 

Another legendary attraction is The Aeroplane, where you can have the sensation of flying over Barcelona. This metallic plane airborne has the great importance of being the first flight simulator of our history.

It also has the Mysterious Castle, a house of horror and mystery, and the funny Hall of Mirrors, where you will see yourself reflected in the most unexpected ways...go to the Amusement Park and enjoy it!
There's still more to see in the Tibidabo : Observatory Fabra is also an interesting  building.

It was built in 1901 , commissioned by Camil Fabra , the Marquis of Alella .

It is an Astronomical Observatory, work of Josep Domènech i Estapà, if you go ther you will see that it's amazing and there are impressive views from there. 

A very interesting modern art style building , now converted into a Museum of experimental physics, showing some of the most important scientific inventions.

Best of the Observatory is that it gives you the opportunity to have a dinner in the spectacular terrace during the summer months.

It is an unforgettable expirience, enjoying a unique night,  watching the stars and the city at your feet. Dinner includes a guided visit to the building and if conditions permit, will make an observation with the Telescope to see the stars even closely .

Dinners are called " Sopars amb estrelles " to go make sure you book well in advance

Phone reservations: 902 10 92 30
Pl Tibidabo , 3-4
08035 , Barcelona
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As mentioned, the Tibidabo is located at a considerable height, and it is therefore necessary to combine different  transports to get there.

Bear in mind that whatever the kind of transport you choose, the price is a bit more expensive than the usual public transport in Barcelona .

Best combinations to get Tibidabo:

Bus T2 Tibibus :
This is the cheapest and most direct way to get to Tibidabo, from Your guide BArcelona we recommend it to you if you do not have much time.

Take the T2 Tibibus from Plaza Catalunya: the stop is at the corner of Rambla de Catalunya with Pl.Catalunya .

FGC + Tram + FCG Tibidabo :
Another way is by combining several types of transportation , you might feel like more climbing  to the top, and funicular tram is slower ... but it's a fun ride specially if you are coming with your kids .

Take the FGC railway line L7, from Plaza Catalunya to Avinguda Tibidabo stop .
Once there , take the Blue Tram, Funicular stop .
Finally , take the Funicular del Tibidabo, it will leave at the Amusement Park.