Palau Sant Jordi Stadium

Palau Sant Jordi
The Palau Sant Jordi is a modern sports stadium, located in the area known as the Olympic Ring oin the hill of Montjuïc.

It is one of the constructions carried out in the occasion of the Olympic Games of the city in 1992, acting as a sports venue.

For its huge capacity, technical innovations and its original shape and aspect is a jewel of the contemporary architecture.

It was designed by the renowned Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, also the author of other works in Barcelona, ​​such as the access area to CaixaForum Museum.

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The Palau Sant Jordi is located in the sports area known as the Olympic Ring, upon the mountain of Montjuïc.


Olympic Pg 5-7

Public transport:

Bus: 50, 55, 61 and 193.
Barcelona Tourist Bus stop Olympic Ring.
The stadium currently works as a stadium; but also as a cultural facility, so many concerts, events and shows are taking place inside, mainly musical performances.

Therefore, the price of admission to the Palau Sant Jordi varies depending on the show.


Summer hours:
Weekends and holidays from 10 to 20h.
Winter hours:
Weekends and holidays from 10 to 18h.
Sant Jordi (St George) stadium can accommodate 17,000 spectators , and despite being a sporting venue , houses all kinds of events and activities such as musical or theatre performances.

It's a huge venue, covered by an impressive dome enclosing complicated construction techniques in its internal structure .

Its exterior resembles a giant turtle, with its huge shell -shaped glass dome , designed as a masterpiece of modern engineering .

In the vicinity of this impressive sports arena you will see a contemporary steel sculpture by Aiko Miyawaki .

It is a set of concrete cylinders , metal rings and steel wires , which acquire different shades depending on the influence of sunlight .

Also close by there is a perfect vision of the Olympic Stadium, venue of the opening and closing ceremonies and athletic competitions as well.

Finally , near the Palau also find the famous Communications Tower built by Santiago Calatrava in 1992.