Picasso Museum Barcelona

Picasso Museum
Pablo Ruiz Picasso is certainly one of the most important and influential artists of the XX Century.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is mainly devoted to his early works, so the formative period of Picasso, coinciding with the years he was living in the city. He left the city when he was 23, but his ties with Barcelona were never broken. 

In 1963 and following Picasso's voluntee, was opened this extraordinary  museum dedicated to his work, becoming very soon one of the best art centers in the city.

Also to take into account is the location of this art entre, occupying five gothic palaces in total. Because of  the architectural environtment and its pictorial content, is one of the most interesting museums in the city.

It is one of our favourite highlights of Barcelona,  the visit it is definitely and highly reccomended.

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c / Montcada 15-23 08003 Barcelona

Public transport

Metro: L4 station Jaume I
Arc de Triomf L1
L3 Liceu
Buses: 17 40 45 39 51 14 59 19 120
Picasso Museum has different types of admission tickets,  its price varies depending on the rexhibitions that you want to visit. Here we detail the schedule and admission fees to the museum.


From Tuesday to Sunday (including holidays): from 10 to 20 h.
Closed Mondays except holidays
Holiday Day: Monday 2011: 7 March, 25 April, 13 June and 15 August
Annual closure: January 1, May 1, June 24, 25 and 26 December

Admission prices:

Combined ticket, museum + temporary exhibition: € 11
Entrance to the temporary exhibition: 4,65 €
Concessions: Under 25 years, people over 65 with card and rose, retirees and families.
Combined ticket, museum + temporary exhibition: 6,60 €

Free admission:

Under 16, over 65 pink card,
First Sunday of each month.
Free admission every Sunday from 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
We recommend you book your guided tour  in advance, as there is usually high demand for access. To make a tour through the Museum  there are two options: book the tour through the museum, or do the full tour dedicated to Pablo Picasso in Barcelona proposed in Your guide Barcelona.

The guided tour of the Picasso's that we propose in Your Guide Barcelona includes: comprehensive visit to the museum, and an additional tour visiting the places that inspired  Pablo Picasso in Barcelona,  his city for more than ten years. For further information Contact us for the Picasso's Tour  with an expert official tour guide.

You can choose the date that best suits your needs, how much you want it to last and the language that interests you. See our tours section dedicated to the Tours you can not miss, there you will find all the information on this and other guided tours.
The Picasso Museum occupies a unique setting, five Gothic palaces located in Montcada Street under the names of their original owners: Baró de Castellet  Palace, Aguilar Palace, Meca Palace , the Finestres and Mauri Palces.

Perhaps the most remarkable of all them is The Aguilar Palace, dating from the XIII century . It belonged in the very begining to the family Corominas - Desplà , in the fifteenth century it was acquired by the merchant Berenguer de Aguilar .

The museum had always had the collection of Picasso 's own personal secretary , Jaume Sabartès , but it's been expanded over the years.

From the collection belonging to the artist  some of the most important works are part of  the so-called Blue Period , using blue colour to provide expressive power his creations.

It was a hard moment in his life, when he was through a difficult time, deep melancholy and sadness after the death of one of his best friends. That sad and desolate environment is evident in works like The madman or Homeless .

Above all, the works that you can not miss are those belonging  to Cubist period, in which he used the decomposition of geometric shapes as an expressive way to create . To this period belong the extense work group of Las Meninas.