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The expiatory temple of the Holy Family is located in the center of the Eixample district , the neighborhood built in the late nineteenth century .

It is one of the most spectacular and evocative works of the great architect Antoni Gaudí , the best known of the Catalan Modern Art Style architect .

It was his most ambitious project , to which was dedicated in body and soul, becaming his masterpiece and obsession till the end of his days.

Although this is an unfinished church , Gaudi 's original work was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the Chapel of the Rosary, the crypt , where is buried the architect , and the Nativity façade . These are the most characteristic and amazing parts of the Church , but the whole temple really worth a visit.

It is an incredible work of art , monumental and absolutely astonishing , in which the smallest of details has a specific meaning , religious or not. From Your guide Barcelona we encourage you to go find out for yourself , it will not leave you indifferent .

The Holy Family Church entrance often have very long lines. It is highly reccomended  to book a guided tour to avoid the long lines under the sun. Plus you'll get all the details inside this temple with an expert guide or an audioguide, you choose.
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You can easily get to the Sagrada Familia by public transport, as it is located in one of the most centric and well connected Quarters to the city: L'Eixample. 


Calle Mallorca 401,
08034, Barcelona.


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Public transport:

Metro: L2 and L5, Sagrada Familia stop.
L3, Verdaguer stop.
Buses: 10 19 33 34 43 44 50 51


From October to March, from 9.00 to 18.00
From April to September , from 9.00 to 20.00 h
Special days: 25 and 26 December - 1 and January 6 , from 9:00 to 14:00 h

Ticket rates

Tickets: € 15
Students: € 13
Free admission: Children until 10 years
You can buy the combined ticket if you want to also visit the Gaudi House Museum located in Park Guell .

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Visit to the towers

La Sagrada Familia offers the opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the city up to the top of its bell towers . For security reasons is only accessible by elevator . 

Ticket rate for the towers : € 3 

You can visit the monument on your own, or if you prefer you can do a guided tour with audio guide system ( audio in several languages ​​with information about the church in each point of interest ) , the temple offers this tour to you , or you can do it accompanied by an official guide of Catalonia .

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This is a good option to visit the Temple of the Holy Family; always accompanied by an official guide of Catalonia , that will reveal you the hidden symbology; as well as the keys to a better understanding of this fascinating masterpiece of Gaudi, the anecdotes involving its creator , and its most interesting and unknown details . Book your private Guided Tour to Sagrada Familia here

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If you come to Barcelona with your partner or friends, even if you visit the city individually, you can attend a regular route , the day and time that best suits you . You can purchase on our Section of Tickets online : Guided tour Sagrada Familia.

Although the temple of La Sagrada Familia is still under construction it really worth a visit.

The idea of this monumental church came from the bookseller Josep Maria Bocabella , who wanted to build a temple dedicated to the Holy Family completelly based on popular donations .

The first architect was Francisco del Villar y Lozano , who planned a neogothic church . After several problems with the temple's council, first architect abandoned the project. Gaudí assumed the leadership of the works in 1883, changing completely the design of its predecessor.

Gaudí 's idea was to build the perfect temple that could be completely seen from outside through different perspectives . Nothing is in vane, and of course, nothing is coincidence in his magnus masterpiece, beginning with his situation: precisely at this point there is the same distance from the temple to the sea than to the mountain.

Symbology of La Sagrada Familia

A man of deep piety , the Church of the Holy Family built by Gaudí is, as the rest of his works, infused with a spiritual and even esoteric air.

The exterior of the temple symbolizes the universal church , represented by the apostles ( the four towers in each facades ymbolize the twelve of them) , as well as scenes from the Bible related to the Holy Family.

The facades instead allude to Christ's human life , from birth to death. Still under construction is what it will be the third and main façade of the temple, dedicated to The Glory of Jesus. .

Nativity facade

Gaudí completed only one side, so one of their facades before diying in 1926. It is undoubtedly the most significant side of the temple , known as the Nativity façade .

This facade is at the sunrise side , at Calle Marina . Reflects the happiness because of the birth of Christ through his spectacular decorative exuberance . There is not a single free space on their walls , decoration, which show overwhelming life everywhere.

Passion Facade

This facade is located on the street named Sardenya, and is facing west. It was entirely built after Gaudi's death , although its structure follows the architect's original desig

This side Is presented naked to us, cold, dramatic and with little poors ornaments ... representing Jesus death. Despite this, it is been decorated with magnificent sculptures, made by Josep Maria Subirachs .


When accessing is inevitable to feel overwhelmed by the impressive height of its towers, and its spectacular colums , conceived as trees in a huge allegorical forest.

In this forest stand architectural columns mimicking the structure and form of the trees , with their huge branches and leaves. Access the temple means be immersed in a fantasy world: the amazing universe of Gaudí, an unlimited creative world. .