Forum Park

Forum Barcelona
This huge entertainment venue is located at the confluence of the Avinguda Diagonal and Rambla Prim Street, close to the sea.

The Parc del Forum (Forum Park) was the symbol and image of the Universal Forum of Cultures. This special event, held in 2004, was one of the most  international cultural events hosted in Barcelona.

This Exhibition was inaugurated with great ceremony and were organized for the occassion multiple conferences and cultural exhibitions , promoting intercultural dialogue between different countries.

Nowadays  the Forum area is a waterfront esplanade , which occupies 25 hectares. Is formed by several parts , even a bathroom area with pools and artificial water. 

The Forum Park is a large public space that houses several buildings inside. Among all of them the main building is the spectacular Auditorium. Also remarkable are the Exhibition Hall and the Convention Center .

Near the site of the Forum is also located the Parc Diagonal Mar (Park), designed by Enric Miralles . It is a new district of the city at the end of the Avinguda Diagonal.

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c / Llull 95-97
08005 Barcelona

Public transport:

Bus: 7, 41, 141
Tram: Tram T4

Forum Main Building

The Forum Main Building is a huge prism-shaped building , designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.

The most striking feature of this building is that it is suspended in the air by seventeen points of support, leaving a space for public use at street level .

Its base is a triangle of spectacular dimensions 180 feet square and 25 high. Equally striking is the treatment of the facade of this prism. It is a metallic blue , has a rough texture and is decorated with glass pieces that form vertical stripes that look like drops of water slid down .

The Auditorum 

This is one of the most impressive parts of the building, The Auditorium. It is located below, on the underground level, and has stunning wooden bleachers and a beautiful black terrazzo floor .

It is spectacular because of the use of new materials like lighting, emblems of modernity and design that will not leave you indifferent.

There is also an exhibition hall large , which organizes cultural exhibitions . 

The building is connected to the International Convention Centre of Barcelona through an underground corridor an L-shaped building , designed by José Lluís Mateo , which hosts conferences and international conventions .

All in all we talk about the latest technology applied to modern architecture in Barcelona. This Forum area emerges with new office's buildings and luxury hotels, which have been established in this space born beside the sea.