Park Güell Barcelona

Park Güell, Gaudí Barcelona
The original project was not to build a Park but a neigbourhood for the wealthy people of Barcelona.

The Count Güell,  owner of the land housing the monument, wanted to build a place similar to a garden city , an idea that emerged in the entrepreneur Eusebi Güell after a short stay in England .

Gaudí was the main architect. He built the common areas for neighbours: main square, market place, main entrance, fountains and decorative elements as well as the caretaker home and administrative hall for this neigbourhood.

Only two of the sixty houses projected in the begining where finnally built. The Count himself and Gaudi the architect were the ones living there for a while. In the case of the artist this was his residence for 20 years, nowadays the House is housing the Museum dedicated to Gaudí

Gaudí himself bought this house two years later his construction, and lived there until the year he died , 1926 , so the architect retains personal items , furniture, drawings etc.

The park represents an explosion of color and decorative richness , mainly achieved thanks to the Trencadís , decoration formed by very small ceramic colored pieces . 

Everything in the Parc Güell is in perfect communion with nature, is a unique space where architecture gets mix with nature. It certainly is a visit you can't miss, you will be surprised by the originality and artistic elements built by Gaudí.

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Street d'Olot s / n


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Public transport:

Metro: L3 Lesseps stop, Vallcarca.
Coming out of the subway, the way to Park Guell is signposted.
From the metro station Vallcarca be used to liven up escalators part of the slope.
Buses: 24 92 74 116 and Bus del Barrio.


From Monday to Sunday
10h to 18h in winter, to 21h in summer.

Admission fee

Adults: € 7
Children 7 to 12 years: 4.90 €
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