Tibibus Tibidabo

It is the bus that takes you directly to the Tibidabo Amusement Park.

The proute of the Tibibus (T2A) starts at Plaça Catalunya and ends at the Plaça del Tibidabo.

Bus Schedule:

It runs daily, coordinated to the Amusement Park shcedules (it is open daily except school campaign).
Hours are from 10:15 pm until 15 minutes after the closing time of the Park.

Bus Stops:

Starts in Pl Catalunya with Rambla Catalunya st., in front of  Caja Madrid, and leaves you in the Tibidabo. Park. It has no intermediate stops.


Single ticket Tibibus (T2A): € 2.95
If you buy your tickets for the Amusement Park at their ticket office the tickets to the Tibibus wil be free of charge. 

Amusement Park contact details:

For more information on schedules of the park contact:
Customer's Tibidabo Amusement Park: 93 211 79 42
You can also check the following link http://www.tibidabo.net/es/horaris