About Barcelona

General information about the city

With 1.6 million inhabitants , Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain , the tenth in the entire European Union.

If we take into account the population living in the whole metropolitan area of Barcelona, formed by Barcelona city and its adjacent populations , we obtain a total of 3.18 million people over 636 km2.

Located in north-east of the Iberian Peninsula , about 120 kilometers from the French border, is also bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the East side.

His most prominent geographical features are the Collserola's and Montjuïc Hills,  with which bordered on the West and South side ; the Llobregat River , bordered to the South;  and the Besòs river to the North limiting .

Capital of Catalonia

Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish region located north-east of the country: Catalonia.

The region of Catalonia has a historical , cultural and popular past that makes it unique. You can see the most significant Customs and Traditions of Catalonia, as well as its meaning in our dedicated section.

The festivals are the best way to celebrate and keep alive traditions. Its history and evolution can be read in the History of Barcelona section.

All of them have a long historical tradition , have changed over the centuries, but maintaining their popular features . If you want to know more about them just access to the section Popular Festivals.