Barcelona For free

Magic Fountain Montjuïc
In this section we would like to show you some places you can visit in Barcelona...all of them are totally for free!

Because is not always easy...because sometimes we don't have enough budget to go everywhere, and because we think is really interesting to find out and deep inside some unknown areas for tourists.

Here you are our list of free activities. For free in Barcelona ..Enjoy the city!

Free Museums:

On Sunday afternoon you will have free entry to all museums run by City Council. It's an initiative that we personally love, so we absolutely recommend you this option, you would be able to see interesting museums such as: Picasso Museum, and the Museu d'Historia de Barcelona without spending a euro.

Timetable: Sunday afternoon, from 15h to 20h.
Check our section Free museums Barcelona to see the list of Museums and Art Centers ofering this option.

Free Temporary Exhibitions:

If you prefer to see a temporary exhibition instead of a regular one, or you don't have a free Sunday afternoon, you can also visit some Art Centres totally for free.

CaixaForum Museum: where temporary exhibitions are always free. It really worth a visit, bothe its location (a former factory built by Puig i Cadafalch) and the museum in itself.
Temporary Art Exhibition in La Pedrera: The art exhibitions located on the first floor of this famous building. It is one of our most recommended places, because you will be able to see part of the interior of this magnificent building built by the genious Antoni Gaudí.

Parks and natural areas for free:

Of course , you can visit all Barcelona's parks and gardens for free, enjoying our beautiful green areas and relaxing yourself under the trees .

Most of them also have an amazing amount of monuments, buildings and sculptures of artistic interest, so don't miss the chance to see them while you walk through the flowers, animals and plants.

Some examples are:

Parc de la Ciutadella:
where you will see sculptures such as The Elephant; or the amazing Waterfall Monument, with some beautiful decorations made by the young Gaudí. Outside one of the entrances of the Park is also visible the Triomphal Arch of Barcelona, built in the occasion of the International Fair, hold in 1888.

Parc de l'Escorxador: with the incredible, colorful and detailed Joan Miro's Sculpture called Woman and Bird.

Parc i Laberint d 'Horta: A beautiful park, located in the north side of the city. It has a huge labyrinth made with natural plants and local species...a really funny expirience for both, children and adults, you are going to love it.

Parcs naturals de Montjuïc i Tibidabo: These are the two hills surrounding Barcelona, located at over 200m and 500m above the sea level. From there the view of the whole city is extraordinary, and is perfectly visible how the city has been built along its history, standing in between of them, literally in the valley of the hills. To get there you can use public transportation sitems, there are public buses going to both hills.

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

It is a unique spectacle of music, water, light and color, in a unique setting : the mountain of Montjuïc . You can not miss this amazing show if you come to Barcelona. It is completely for free, it takes place every weekend in the Magic Fountain.

How to get there:

The Magic Fountain is located lose to Spain Square in the hill of Montjuïc and in front of the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia).  

The easiest way to get there is getting the Metro (Underground train), the Metro Stop is called Plaça de Espanya (Spain Square). From the square there are electronical stairs to reach the fountain.

Magic Fountain Schedules:

From February to 30 April
Friday and Saturday, from 19:00 am to 21:00 pm
With music and color: 19 / 19:30 / 20 / 20.30.

On 20 April (Easter celebration): Additional performance at 20 pm

From 1 May to 30 September
From Thursday to Sunday, from 21:00 am to 23:30 pm
With music and color: 21 / 21.30 / 22 / 22.30/ 23 h

From October to December
Friday and Saturday, from 19:00 am to 21:00 pm
With music and color:19 / 19:30 / 20 / 20.30.

January: Everyday closed, due to technical reasons.

Free Art Noveau:

You can always see the most beautiful and amazing Art Noveau buildings of the city without spending money, enjoying their incredible undulated shapes, decorative arts and bright contrasted colours on their façades.

Our reccomendation: Take a long walk through Paseo de Garcia's Street, where you will find the open-air museum dedicated to this Modern Art style:

La Pedrera-Casa Milà, Casa Batlló famous Gaudi's buildings; Casa LLeó-Morera by Donènech i Muntaner, Casa Amatller by Puig i Cadafalch, Casa de la viuda Marfà, Casa Pons i just mention some of them, all located in the same avenue.

And much more...apart from residential buildings, there are many locals and places in the Eixample Quarter of Barcelona where you will be amazed by the architecture and outside decorations, always for free: shops , train stations , bars , restaurants , hotels, markets ... so you do not miss anything and can enjoy the whole city by visiting this amazing Quarter named Eixample. 

Check our section dedicated to Art Noveau to discover them.

Beaches in Barcelona:

Barcelona offers more than 4 km of urban beaches, so you can relax under the sun rays and take a refreshing batch, or make a romantic stroll at sunset.

There are several beach areas in the city , these are the main ones:

Platja de la Barceloneta
Metro: L4 , Barceloneta stop

Platja de Sant Sebastià
Metro: L4, stop Barceloneta .

Platja Icaria
Metro: L4, stop Olympic Ciutadella- Vila

Platja de la Mar Bella
Metro: L4, stop Poblenou
* This beach has a nudist area .

Platja del Bogatell
Metro: L4 , Poblenou and Llacuna stops .

A urban beach : La Torre de les Aigues

The Torre de les Aïgues is a beautiful Art Noveau building , located in a public park in the Eixample district (Roger de LLúria Street -Consell de Cent Street). This was a water deposit and is no more on use so...In summer time becomes an artificial beach, with a small pool for children and artificial sand recreating a urban beach, right in the heart of the city.