Opening Hours

Barcelona, as all other Spanish cities has a very special way of life, which can be sometimes completely different to your counthy habbits.

We have extraordinary weather conditions, so our days are lasting more than in other places of the world, conditioning our daylife since the very begining. 

Here you are the main Opening and Closing hours in Barcelona, it can really be helpful during your stay in the city. 

Shops Opening Hours 

In Barcelona shops have the following opening hours: 

Working Days:
  •  Monday to Friday, usually from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm.
   There are though some variations: main stores in central Barcelona kept open until 21:00 pm and remain open at noon.

  • Saturday: Many establishments have the same opening hours on weekdays. Neighborhood's shops are only open in the morning, until 13.30 - 14pm , while shopping malls , department stores and other main shops are open all day, and do not even close at noon.
  • Sunday : Closed , with very few exceptions , such as some Sundays oduring Christmas season or the first Sunday on sales period
  • Opened on Sundays: Las Ramblas stalls and Souvenirs stores; Maremagnum Shopping Mall located in the Port of Barcelona. 

If you want to do some shopping we recommend you to go during morning and noon , you would enjoy it better and save yourself lines. 

Working Hours: Offices and Banks

Banks: Are opening from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 2.30pm. All of them are closed on weekend.
  • In Spain workday is 8 hours per day. Office's hours is Barcelona usually are: from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00, although the evening hours may vary depending on the company .
  • In July and especially in August many companies make intensive  working hours , that is, they only work in the morning. So during the two summer months when it is warm and quite people can enjoy the afternoon for a swim down in the beach, for shopping or to take a beer on the terrace of a bar.

Meal times

In Barcelona as well as in the rest of Spain our meal times are very late,  therefore something different compared with other European countries.

  • Usually we take a first breakfast early in the morning before work. Is a light breakfast, consisting in a cup of coffee and something light to eat , such as some cereals or cookies. 
  • By mid-morning , around 10:00 or 11:00 is our real breakfast moment . This is the time to start charging the batteries, so we typically eat a sandwich, bikini is a very tipycal one (which is a toasted ham and cheese sandwitch ), a pastry piece, or something consistent, accompanied with another cofee or a fruit juice. 
Lunch and Dinner:
  • Opening time for lunch: From 1pm, even though the usual time for lunch here is about 2-2-30pm, that is, somewhat later than in the rest of Europe.
  • At this time all the restaurants are full of people ordering their lunch menus (only on weekdays) , which is the most economical way to eat well. Typically eating two dishes and a dessert , and , of course, a black coffee (café solo) to fcomplete our meal. 
  • Opening time for dinner: From 9pm. Some restaurants open at 7pm, so you can have your dinner earlier,  but you will not find any local people. It may be a dish or two dishes, although many people choose to take something lighter, especially in summer .

Tapas in Barcelona:

This is not only just something tipical. Tapas are a whole and very important tradition all over Spain and a social way of life.

Usually we go to take some tapas from 1pm to 3pm aprox.  Is much more tipical on weekend, when we have free time at noon. 

Tapas are different and several types of local specialities served in small dishes. In Catalonia and Barcelona city tapas are usually served with pa amb toàquet, so bread slices with tomatoe and olive oil.

The most tipical ones are: tortilla española, so Spanish potatoes omelette; esqueixada: cold fish salad; escalivada: grilled vegetables; jamón: cured ham; or any kind of cold meal and cheese; fried fresh fish; calamari , small prawns and fried baby squids.

When we go to Tapear means that wego to several different bars. In each one we order a drink and a tapa, and so you can guess how it could be ending.

If you follow the Spanish tradition, after tapear you will probably need a siesta (Spanish denomination for the short nap after lunch). 

You can go to tapear with us if you feel like. Visit our section dedicated to Gourmet Tours, choose the Tapas tour and enjoy your tapas!

Going Out in Barcelona:

You will always find people on the streets of Barcelona, ​​at any time, in any season . Especially in summer , given the number of tourists visiting the city and the nice weather we have.

But if you want to go out for drinks you can do so from 18:00 or 19:00 , when almost everyone has already went out of work . Bars and Pubs are closing at 12.00 at night during the week, and at 3.00 in the morning on weekends, so you have time enought to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona. Discotheques are often closing later.