Weather in Barcelona

In Barcelona we have the privilege to enjoy during the whole year the so-called Mediterranean climate, which means we have moderate temperatures in winter and warm weather in summer.

There may be occasional heavy rainfall but is not the most common thing, seasonal rain usually predominate.

Temperatures rarely drop below 10 º C in winter, and from May on comes the good weather, reaching an average of more than 25 °C during summer .

Barcelona lies under the sun almost every day, our sky is mostly clear and blue. It really invite you to go out and walk around every day, even at night.

Warm, soft and tempered, good weather allowed us, barcelonians, to live the city at any time, any month of the year.

You can stroll along the beaches or even take a bath in the fall season, enjoy the mountain without getting cold, sit on a terrace outside in the street... That's why you can always find street life in Barcelona, no matter when you come.