Giant's parades

No festival or celebration is held in Catalan without  Gegants i capgrossos, so Giant's parades.

There are several theories about the origin of these gigantic figures and processions. Some historians state to its religious background , as we found in the Bible figures considered giants, such a Goliath or even San Christrofer.

Others, however, believe in their pagan origin. They consider that  these giants represent Christians and Arab kings fighting between each other , referring to the eternal fight between the two civilizations on Middle Ages.

Whatever its initial origin, the giant and gygantic heads are part of our most deep traditions . Always present in all celebrations, forming part of a parade and dancing to the sound of the drums.

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Giants of Barcelona

City Giants are representing the King James I, and Queen Violant of Hungary, in honor and memory of the local monarchy stablished in Catalonia on Middle Ages. 

Along with Barcelona Eagle Giant , symbol of the power of the city, are forming part of The Popular Parades of Barcelona City .

To them we have to add the Gygantic heads, the historic city Bestiarious ( various animals and beasts) , as well as the Giants of El Pi and Santa Maria del Mar.

Current giant's figures date from 1992, and were made by the artist Manel Casserres and Boix .