Castells: Human Towers

Els Castells are human towers rising from the ground only with the strength of their men, reaching up to nine floors in height.

This custom of lifting human towers is a native tradition of Camp de Tarragona, a small town located in southern Catalonia.

Castells are calculated by the floor height, and the number of human towers composed in each of their floors.

Together all men they form groups, the so-called Colles, rivaling each other to form the better structured and higher castles. 

The base of them forms the pinya (pineapple), a group of people who join their arms to support the weight of the floors raising up.  

Even today it is used in Catalan language the popular expression "fer pinya" which means to be united, and comes from this tradition of human towers.

The top floor is crowned by a child with the name of enxaneta, who crowns the human tower raising his right arm on top of the castle.