Popular songs


As for popular songs especially The Havaneres deserves a mention. These songs are traditionally sung all along  the small villages of the Catalan coast.

His lyrics have a reminisce of the overseas Spanish Colonies, and are often being sing on the beach. The songs are accompanied by traditional rum beverage original from Cuba (burnt rum).

The name comes from La Habana, in Cuba, when Catalan sailors went there looking for a better life, back in the late Eigtheen Hundreds. So many songs are coming from Cuba, and can be sing in Catalan or Spanish language.
Especially famous is The Habanera Festival, from the coastal town of Calella de Palafrugell , held on the first weekend of July. Is taking place in the beach, among  fishing boats, sailors, town people and burnt rum along with music and songs.

Jotes de L'Ebre

Another traditional dances and songs are the Jotes de L'Ebre , a variant of The Aragonese populars Jota songs.

The tradition of this popular song has its origins in the south of Catalonia bathed by the waters of the Ebro, and still remains in these locations.

Although less widespread because it is a regional custom , is also one of the most popular in Catalonia. 

It is traditionally danced by couples formed by women and men, who wear the traditional folk dance dress,  rising up the hands and singing at the same moment in time.