Gracia's Festival

One of the most famous festivals in Barcelona is celebrated in Gracia's quarter in summer time, between August 15th and 20th. 

Its origins dates back to the mid-Nineteenth Century , when the party had a predominantly religious character.

Today it has become a civic and popular celebration, and has lost all the religious sense it had before.

During these days in the district are held all kinds of activities for children and adults , exhibitions, cultural events and free concerts in the evenings.

In the festival of Gracia there is a special ambience , all over the streets are stalls offering food and drinks at affordable prices.

The neighborhood is full of people, both day and night. If you match your holiday stay in Barcelona you can not miss this festival.

Decoration of the streets

Definitely one of the highlights of the festival is the decoration of  the neighborhood streets, each one with a different theme .

The streets competing for their decorations, and the best of them are wining the annual prize organized by the neighborhood, for their originality and creativity .

Ornamental elements fill all corners of Gracia. There are true works of crafts , made ​​by the neighbors , flooding the streets with color, life and art.

Each of the streets choose a theme, and decoration is tailored to that specific subject . They use any materials in its scope , such as paper , colored cardboard, or even recycled items like plastics and bottles.

In Gracia during this festival you can dive into the deep sea , delve into a pirate ship, or walk under a tropical rainforest in the heart of the city of Barcelona.