La Mercè Festival

La Mercè is the main festival of Barcelona, ​​held in honor of the patroness saint of the city, on September 24.

During the festivities of La Mercè carried out many popular events and celebrations in the streets of Barcelona.

The most significant ones are the procession dels Gegants or Giants , a parade followed by children and adults.  
Also include El Correfoc or The Firerunner : Is a fire show in which demons and dragons spit fire from their mouth . Children are frightened off the arrival of the fire beasts , throwing firecrackers all over the streets of the city centre.

Not forgetting of course the amazing exhibitions of Els Castells , the incredible Human Towers; and the popular beautiful folk dance named La Sardana, danced on Sunday mornings, and specially during the Festival.

Starting a few years ago and becoming very popular, there are nowadays also plenty of free music concerts held in the main streets and squares of the city such as Plaça de Catalunya or Plaça Sant Jaume .

Another popular event of the festival of La Mercè is La Fira de Vins , so the Wine's Fair, held in the neighborhood of La Barceloneta , next to the pier of Port Vell where can be taste different excellent local wines and tapas. 

Piromusical La Mercè

Finally , is very remarkable The Piromusical Festival , one of the most famous celebrations of the Festival of La Mercè , which closes the festive week .

It is an impressive festival of fireworks and light, which takes place in the mountain of Montjuic.

Given its location, the Piromusical also coordinates with the spectacle of the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc , giving the festival an unforgettable final holiday year after year.

The combination of these two shows is given a very special performance as a result of it,  a huge burst of fire, light and color, music and magic.