Lady of Montserrat

On April 27 is celebrated the day of the patronness saint of Catalonia: The Mother of God, Lady of Montserrat.

The celebration is held all over Catalonia, but specially in Montserrat, located at 60km from Barcelona.

Up on the Monastery of Montserrat this day there are many special acts and popular events taking place.

traditional catalan dance and the Human Towers named Castells are the classical ones.  

There are also many acts and celebrations in the city of Barcelona , where public events and popular celebrations are taking place, in the most important places of the city: the City Hall in Plaça de Sant Jaume, Cathedral Square, Plaça de Catalunya.

Although the main stage of this festival is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, the mountain of the same name.

Monastery of Montserrat

The Monastery is located 60 km away through the northwest of the city of Barcelona, ​​in the small town of Monistrol de Montserrat.

The sanctuary is surrounded by the most peculiar rock formation of Catalonia : Montserrat Mountain .

It is the most important and mysterious place of Catalonia, is considered a sacred mountain and a symbol for all Catalan people. 

It has a very unique shape. Its rounded peaks have been given many stories and legends to their picks. Like the one that states that this mountain was serrated by the angels with a gold saw to make a golden throne for the Virgin.

In fact, the tectonic movements of the earth , climate changes, past of time and erosion have shaped the mountain, being the cause of its peculiar morphology.

The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna or sculpture od the Lady of Montserrat is a Romanesque sculpture, dating from the 12th Century.

It represents the Virgin of Montserrat ( Mother of God). Is seated on her throne, with the infant Jesus on her lap, and the globe in her right hand , a symbol of the Universe.

Popularly known as The Black Madonna (La Morenita ) for their blackened appearance, it has been the result of countless interpretations and legends. Some argue that its color is due to smoke of the church candles .

The most logical interpretation seems to be explaining that her current appearance is due to a reaction of the varnish that was applied in his day to the wooden sculpture. The varnish spoiled the original color of the piece, and gaves the black tone that today characterizes and distinguishes her as a unique and magical artwork.

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Legend of the Lady of Montserrat

The legendary tradition says that the small sculpture of the Day of Montserrat was found by some shepherds. According to this legend they saw a light inside a cave of the mountain of Montserrat.

Once inside the cave , they discovered the image of The Lady and they warned the bishop about the discovery. He suggested to move the image to another safer location , but halfway up the mountain , the sculpture became so heavy that they could not move it, even though there were more than hundred men triying to.

They realized then that the desire of the Virgin was to stay in Montserrat, so they decided to build a chapel in her honor. This is the legendary explanation of the origin of the Monastery dedicated to the Lady of Montserrat.