Sant Joan's night

During the shortest night of the year , held on the vigil on June 23 , is celebrated the summer solstice all over Catalonia .

Coincides with the day of Saint John , and although its origin was first pagan it is remembered today more surely because of its religious significance .

Currently it is a combination of both traditions , pagan and Chirstian : following the Christian liturgy is celebrated the day of Saint John; while  the solstice is celebrated at night,  the shortest night of the twelve months.

Cava and Coca de Sant Joan

Traditionally , after the family dinner , it is eaten coca de Sant Joan.

It is a traditional sweet , made with candied fruits and pine nuts, although nowadays there are several different types of flavors .

Coca is always accompanied by Cava. It is a Catalan sparkling white wine produced in the cregion,  with native grape . It is ideal with fish, sea food, and desserts, and is always being served very cold.

Is always present in all Catalan tradition or celebrations cheers should be done with Cava.

Bonfires on the beach

Bonfires of Sant Joan are taking place at night, after dinner . It is also traditional to throw firecrackers and rockets during the night.

People often takes the opportunity to desacerse furniture and old decorative objects, throwing them into the fire to be consumed. 

In the city of Barcelona bonfires are held on the beach ,as it is currently forbidden in public squares or streets due to security reasons.

The tradition is to jump over the fire, as it is believed that in this way the evil spirits and demons are frightened and are going away. It is also a way to ward off diseases and misfortunes from you.

So , during the night of Sant Joan Barcelona beaches are filled with young people, jumping bonfires with the background of drums and music.

This night are not missing superstitions : candles are lit , wishes are made ... as many people still believe in the purifying effect of fire and its magical features.